TrayCups® Eco-Friendly Disposable Multi-Purpose Party Plates

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TrayCups® Disposable Party Plates

TrayCups® Disposable Party Plates  were designed, engineered, and patented to take your Tailgate/Party UP a Notch! Combine the TrayCups® Disposable Party Plate and TrayCups® Reusable for added Style and TEAM spirit featuring TEAM colors. 

TrayCups® Disposable Party Plates are available in 12-Packs

TrayCups® Party Plates are available via our online store,, and through other preferred retailers and wholesalers. TrayCups® are Made in the USA (Michigan).

Kristin Scott

I think this is great!!!!!! I can have my drink and food in one hand!!!!! Soooooo smart!!!! 

12-Pack TrayCups Disposable Party Plates

TrayCups Disposables Party Plates work perfectly with TEAM Colors - fully seat or integrate with TEAM Colors or simply use as a stand alone party plate; together or apart - both are great options for party goers!

Big News! Our Patent was Granted!

We spent the extra time and money to Patent, Trademark, and Copyright our products and branding. We have a Premium Design and Quality throughout our Made in The USA Products!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

As questions and answers come up about our products we will keep you informed HERE!

Q. Are the disposable TrayCups® dishwasher safe? Answer. No - like Solo Cups the Inserts were designed and priced to be disposable - the disposables may be hand washed - the disposables are not designed to withstand high heat dishwashers or microwave ovens; they have a thinner wall stock and designed to be Eco-friendly, recycled, and disposable.

Q. Can we use Bottles (Beer) or Cans (Pop/Soda) with TrayCups® Disposable Inserts? Answer. Yes, bottles, cans, cups (Solo), Styrofoam, coffee cups, small plastic cocktail glasses, water bottles, fruit cups, yogurt cups, and many other cup options fit easily into the TrayCups® Disposables Cup receptacle.  Salsa and nacho cheese can be placed into the cup-holder for dipping as well french fries, ice cream, or yogurt. The options are endless.

Q. Do the Disposable Inserts come in different colors? Answer. Not yet. Currently the TrayCups® Disposables only come in clear; the TrayCups® TEAM colors do come in TEN (10) unique Team Spirited colors.